About PCC of BC

In 1987, in the City of Vancouver, a group of 16 seniors that gathered once a week in a community centre with other seniors from many nationalities, looking forward they had a vision to establish a gathering place for Portuguese Seniors only. Led by a social worker, also of Portuguese origin, these 16 seniors began meeting once a week at the “Trout Lake Community Centre”, where they paid $100 per month for a room equipped with cooking facilities.

On Fridays, at Trout Lake Community Centre, these 16 seniors enjoyed a meal at noon for a modest price of $2.00 and played cards, dominoes, exercises, and socialized. Little by little, the numbers of members grew, and the thought that this group should seek official status quickly arose. In March 1988, 10 members of the Portuguese community got together and registered with the Provincial Government “The Portuguese Canadian Seniors Foundation”

Today the society has over 1600 members, The Foundation (hall), where it still has its seniors day every Friday with activities and lunch.

This all thanks to its many volunteers that hold countless fund raising dinner/dances and other functions.