About the Centre

In 1987, in the City of Vancouver, a group of 16 seniors that gathered once a week in a community centre with other seniors of many nationalities, they hoped however, to establish a gathering place for Portuguese Seniors only. Led by a social worker, also of Portuguese origin, these 16 seniors began meeting once a week at the Trout Lake Community Centre, where they paid $100 per month for a room equipped with kitchen facilities.

On Fridays at Trout Lake Community Center, these 16 seniors enjoyed a midday meal for a modest $2.00. They would then spend the afternoon socializing, playing cards, dominoes, and even exercising. Little by little, the group of friends grew, and the idea of ​​making the group official was born. Finally, in March 1988, 10 members of the Portuguese community got together and registered The Portuguese Canadian Seniors Foundation (PCSF) with the authorities. 

 Today under the name of Portuguese Cultural Center of BC, the society has approximately 1000 members and, keeping with the tradition established by the PCSF, every Friday a social lunch is served, cards and bingo are played, and fun is had by all.  

This has all been, and continues to be, possible thanks to the many volunteers who dedicate countless hours of work to the center and the community.